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A mobile bike mechanic and coffee trailer for events and races in the UK.

About US


Our Why

We believe in simplifying the complex, in smoothing the rough and in building lasting memories

Our How

We do this by creating a unique and sociable environment for bikers, by bikers

Our What

We deliver first class coffee and mechanical assistance


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Adam – Mechanic and Barista

Adam is the biker that set the wheels of Boost in motion. He is the manpower, the will power and the brains. Everything Boost stands for, Adam also stands for; his love of bikes, friendly nature, passion for good coffee and a willingness to be different. It goes without saying that he’s a top class mechanic, a superb barista, a knowledgeable mountain bike guide and a good ear for a chat even if it doesn’t involve wheels or hot beverages. He’s also Rachel's husband... 

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Rachael – Coach and Barista

Rachael is a mountain bike coach and barista, she’ll be the one you see at weekend events keeping the horse box ship shape and serving as many great tasting cups of coffee as she can. She’s an experienced mountain bike rider and coach, qualified to L1 British Cycling coach standards, Rachael enjoys coaching the introductions to mountain biking for beginner to intermediate riders, children and adults alike. She’s also Adam's wife…


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