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A mobile bike mechanic and coffee trailer for events and races in the UK.

boost coffee co.

Our Boost Coffee Co vintage horsebox is just the tip of the iceberg in our coffee delivery, we provide superb coffee made by trained Baristas, a friendly service combined with a relaxed atmosphere where you can chill out and enjoy the 're-caffeination'!

Our barista made coffee is made fresh from our carefully sourced, high quality beans using our Fracino espresso Machine. Whether you prefer an espresso, a flat white or an americano, we have got you covered when you need your boost. If decaf is your bag, then we have the very finest Swiss Water decaf blend for you to sample too. Then sit back and relax in our chill out space and indulge in some tunes, coffee this good is to be savoured and not rushed!  

Of course, we don’t just do coffee, if tea or hot chocolate is more your favourite then we’ve got you covered too. There’s also our extra special Boost Coffee Co. blended coffee if you fancy trying something new a try, as well as our Hemp oil blend for an instant anti-inflammatory hit.

If you would like to treat your guests we can provide an inclusive quote for you, or we can come and trade at your event at no cost to you. We don't just do bike events, our vintage horse box will look great in any arena.

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Bike Events


If coffee and bikes go hand in hand, Boost Coffee Co. and bike events are inseparable. The coffee arm of our business combines seamlessly with our mobile workshop creating a cosy, social vibe whether attendees are getting their bikes fixed or just getting a coffee fix. It’s the perfect answer to an on-site mechanic for bike events from road sportives, to mountain bike races to triathlons, providing superb mechanical assistance whilst serving first class coffee.

If you would like to book us for an event mail us here and we’ll get the ball rolling. 

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Our vintage horsebox is available to hire for any kind of event. If your event needs a coffee experience rather than just a coffee stop then we can help out. 

Although bikes are in our blood and bike events are right up our street we’ll go down well at any occasion, be it a private party, a works ‘do’, a festival or a race, we can service the coffee needs of all the participants and ground crew alike. 

Get in touch with us to let us know what you need and we’ll arrange a quote.