Coaching in Schools


We offer a unique cycling course tailored specifically for groups of school students. Our course is designed around using the school environment and focuses on the basics of cycling with a mountain biking flavour. The course is designed to take place during school term time with hourly sessions over a 6 week period. To maximise learning time we limit the hour sessions to 12 riders but are used to running consecutive sessions so the whole class can participate in smaller groups! Our sessions are interactive with lots of games and challenges to compound the skills learnt.

A brief overview of the course is as follows, please get in touch for detailed session plans.

  • Week 1 - Cone of movement and the ‘ready’ position

  • Week 2 - Gear selection for climbing climbing body positions

  • Week 3 - Descending braking

  • Week 4 - Cornering and line choice

  • Week 5 - Manipulating points of contact and slow speed balance

  • Week 6 - Riding in groups, riding on the trails and racing