Boost Blend Coffee - 250g

Boost Blend Coffee - 250g


Our Boost Blend coffee is roasted just for us by Wogan Coffee of Bristol, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. 100% Arabica, Organic and labelled Fairtrade, we know just where our coffee comes from and how it got to your cup. Punchy and smooth, our blend is designed to perfectly cut through milk and create a full crema.

Working with Wogan Coffee means we know exactly where our coffee comes from, it’s all described on the back of each and every bag. We have chosen to use a Honduran bean from the Cocafelol Co-Operative mixed with a coffee bean from the Sumatran Mandheling Permata Gayo Co-Operative, check out the photos here to see more.

Our coffee is traceable and superbly tasty, we are proud to make great buying choices for our business.

Coffee beans sold in 250g bags. Tastes great in one of our reusable cups!

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